Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Look at you dressy dress

Saturday I woke up at 6 in the morning because Ziggy my friends dog was coming over to hang out while his brother went to a tournament.
And oddly enough I stayed up maybe because I had gone to bed at 8ish the night before, oh them Hudsons they be going crazy.

So what does a hispanic girl do this early in the morning I'll tell you what she does-she cleans.
After cleaning while playing with the puppies I went on to my next exciting adventure.
Making a little girls dress from scratch


I was making a little girls dress out of her moms dress.
Tanesha happen to really love the fabric of a dress she no longer wanted to wear.
So she asked me if I could make a little girls dress out of it and as it turns out...
I CAN :)

At first my thought was like crap-ity crap I can not do this.
But by then I was already cutting the dress...

Ts hourly comments throughout the "process":
"Whats that suppose to be?"
"Is it inside out?"
"Oh I see its a shirt"
"Oh a shirt and a skirt"
"Ok, I won't say anything else"
and finally...

"Dang babe that actually looks good"

That pretty much sums up my dress-making journey.
I did it in like 5 hours so the inside could have used lining but there was no time.

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