Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Super Dixie

Tuesday was my baby brothers birthday other than that my day was pretty normal went to Jo-Anns for Lunch got fabric to make my sister a skirt and went back to work.

Around 4:30 my phone rings and is a weird number but I answer anyways the conversation went something like this-

"Is this Mrs. Hudson?" for a second I thought something happened to Celeste and my heart dropped
"Yes this is her who is this?" I said kinda scared to hear the answer
"This is Paul from Barrington Park....Ma'am your dog is on the roof"
PSSHHH I thought, this is probably T prank calling me so I said something like "Oh yeah? Dixie is on the roof? How? hahahaha" which I now realize was kind of rude
"We are guessing she broke through the screen but yes she's on the roof" at this point the guy was sorta laughing so I thought for SURE it was a joke
"So could you please come get her, we are afraid she might jump" 
So after some back and forward I realized he wasn't joking and Dixie was seriously on the roof.

I called T his first answer was "Babe we have no roof maybe is a joke" but then I reminded him we left the bedroom window open (with the screen) last night and that there was a piece of roof right above the garage so as I'm driving home I pick up the baby ( hey it was on the way) and we finally get to our place and I could see about 5+ people in front of our building I parked, grabbed the baby and of course took pictures. LOL. Priorities.

I could hear people saying "Oh my" and "is she ok?"
You guys she was fine, she was just chilling on the roof getting some sun.
I went inside and she thought I was playing until she saw my mean mom face, thankfully all is well the complex thought it was hilarious one of the guys was like "I tweeted a picture of her I hope is ok".
After that we went on a walk and talk about why you don't break through windows and scare people (they probably thought she was a baby bear or something ha). Oh Dixie she keeps us on our toes.
On non-Dixie related news I'm working on like five different projects I will be done with half of them tonight :)




  1. haha! that crazy dixie! glad she didn't jump!

  2. Holy crap!! That is hilarious! I'm glad she stayed put and waited for you to get there and save her. I want to see pictures of your projects!

  3. What the what!!! Dixie is too funny. I can totally understand how you could think it was a prank. I can't wait to see about your projects too!

  4. That is awesome. Totally made me laugh out loud. Crazy dog!