Thursday, September 19, 2013

Just because

Saw this here thought it was fun so here it goes -

Making: Hopefully a headboard for my room
Drinking: Sparkling water like is going out of style
Reading: Work stuff
Wanting: Everything from World Market
Looking: Like a hot mess since I overslept today
Playing: Soda Estereo
Wasting: My life away at work
Sewing: A bridesmaids dress
Cooking: Toast? hahahaha
Wishing: For T to get the job
Enjoying: My one year old baby, shes a hoot
Waiting: For my debit card in the mail
Liking: My gym, is actually pretty sweet
Wondering: If I will actually go to the gym today
Loving: My one year old, shes a hoot
Hoping: The car noise is nothing
Marvelling: At T and how he is almost done with school
Needing: Another long weekend
Smelling: VS Lotion
Wearing: Stripe shirt, I actually don't like it anymore but since I overslept ya know
Following: A plan
Noticing: How fast this week is going by
Knowing: I can do this!
Thinking: About the headboard
Feeling: Tired
Bookmarking: Anthropologie sale page
Opening: Letters
Giggling: At T calling me and acting like someone I dont know his voice or something
Feeling: Pretty good

And just for funsies


  1. amen to all of those pictures. esp celeste's silly look!

  2. TOTALLY agree about the wanting everything from World Market!!! Everytime I go in there I just want to buy everything. Also, WOW making a bridesmate dress! You're so talented. I can't wait to see the end product =)

  3. I want to see the headboard!! Are you doing a tufted one?? If so, you really need to let me know how that goes. I want a tufted one so bad, but I'm scared of it a little.

    And the picture that most spoke to me was the "Where did all the money go?" AMEN to that. haha