Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A year already

You guys a year ALREADY?!!!!

I look at Celeste and the love I feel for the curly head of hers is ridiculous, I tell Tommy theres no way I could love another baby like I do her (I know this is impossible) but seriously she has to be one of the coolest babies ever made.

So let me tell you some of the things that surrounded the birthday planning and the birthday itself-

Friday we went present shopping for Celeste at Target and as we are looking at the toys Celeste trips and falls on her face leaving a big old bruise. Sweet.

Friday afternoonish Celestes bruise gets better and then gets worse.

Saturday morning I woke up super early dragged my baby sister with and went to the gas station to get some gas and Redbull, paid for gas drove half block to realize I never actually put gas in the car drove back around and someone stole the gas I paid for. Awesome. In the middle of this my sister kept spraying perfume in her hair thinking it was a control frizz product, we laugh at out morning stupidness.

At the party as we are about to do cake Celeste had a crazy screaming breakdown very not her which send us home early so no cake or presents (sorry guests!) as time went on at home no one could calm her down not even me (which is super odd) so as I got some Motrin ready T said "Babe does this leg look red to you?" I look at her baby leg and it was tomato red and twice its regular size I told Tommy we needed to go to the ER he agreed and very calmly we left, T thankfully remember that a new emergency room had open right next to I-10 we were taken right back and were told she had been stung by either a wasps or red ants so they gave her some medicine and waited until her leg looked somewhat normal. I'm quite proud of the fact that I did not cry or freak out but all is well and she had cake the same day at home.

Now let me tell you the good stuff

I'm so grateful for my family (both sides) they are the best and I love them.

Almost everyone was there for Celestes birthday I always feel so loved when people drive but when they do it with kids and while being pregnant they get some extra points (Thanks Erika) :)

The cake from Publix did not disappoint

It wasn't crazy hot

Celeste got all kinds of toys and she loves them all!

We got to spend the weekend with family and that's always a plus

But the most amazing thing of all is that we kept Celeste (not counting wasps/ants/bruises) alive and happy for a whole year! Only 17 left? hahahaha

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  1. What a fun birthday for Celeste. I'm sorry to hear of the bruises, ant or wasp bites, and craziness gas stationness. haha! I'm happy to hear everything worked out for the best. Yes, 17 more to go but it will be very exciting to see her grown up.