Our Story

Here is our love story the short version

July 2009 we met at a tubing YSA trip and when I say met I mean we were in the same place.

A couple of weeks later I got a text from him (he got my number through a friend creepy?) the text said something like "Hey this is Tommy I saw you at that tubing trip and we ate at Sonnys, what are you doing?" I can tell you exactly what I was doing when I got that text I was at work waiting to go on a "lunch date", my reply was something like "oh are you that guy that didn't eat all of his food at Sonnys, not cool dude" he thought I was joking, which I wasn't. From then on we texted each other for weeks, never talked on the phone but he would always say "call me whenever you want to" so one night after something funny happened to me I decided I wanted to tell Tommy about my little adventure so I called him at 3ish in the morning.
I figure that was a good test to see how cool he was, and he most definitely passed.

Novemeber 2009 we went on our first date, watched the movie The Box and disagreed on what we would do if that was to happen to us.
Months passed, dates, hours of driving (for him), some casually meeting the family dinners and countless cheesy moments.

March 2010 We got engaged. Now this story is probably one of my favorites is too long to write but I'll tell you it includes Tommy asking permission to my parents- who btw don't speak english, him sweating, having a bird poop on him, the beach at night and roses.

June 2010 we got married in the Orlando Temple. It was an amazing but very hot day.

October 2010 we got our baby child aka Dixie, she is probably the most awesome dog ever in the history of dogs.

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