Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Celeste and her doings

Ain't that the truth?!

Now I know is not like I'm a mom of 3 (oh geez just saying that scares me) but one for me is plenty busy right now and for a long while. Seriously though after spending a 3 day weekend with her I'm exhausted that might have to do with my binge watching Scandal and doing a stupid amount of lounges (and then eating chips and soda) but nonetheless having a toddler is some serious literally dirty work.

Example #1-
Sunday we only went to Sacrament since my throat was hurting, we got home ate and my sweet child cuddle up to me and we all fell asleep, sounds pretty sweet huh? I thought it was too until I was woken up by a wet diaper slapping me in the face. THATS RIGHT, this child took her diaper off and thought it would be hilarious to do slap me with it in my peaceful sleep.

Example #2-
She was Ms. Snotty nose for a couple days last week and I would constantly have to wipe her nose which is fine until after spending my day in the Senate I realized there was some snot on my purse...HOW DID IT GET THERE?!

Example #3-
Laundry is a never ending cycle and not because she gets dirty (bc she does) but also because she thinks is hilarious to dump drinks, food or anything else on my my bed. If she could talk she would say something like this "Hey mom let me have some Oreos so I can eat the cream and smear the actual cookie all over the blankets, k thanks"

Example #4-
She loves to eat popcorn almost every time we go to Target we end up getting some well she also hates her car seat, so when I offered her some popcorn while she was screaming at me for putting her in her car seat she got quiet grabbed the popcorn bag -at this point I was smiling turning around thinking Mom for the win- but that thought was interrupted by the bag of popcorn hitting me in the back of the head and popcorn going in every which way. Baby 432 Mom 0

And the list could go on.

I can already see that the "terrible two's" are going to kick my butt, thankfully I have T who is an awesome Dad to help me out and not go insane.

So true!

We actually turned her crib into a bed this weekend and its been more successful than I expected, she likes playing in it and feels comfortable getting in and out of it.

aaaw she so cute

She is SO MUCH fun, her personality is getting bigger by the second and I'm grateful I get to see her grow into an awesome little girl.

I'm so grateful to be her Mom and having the opportunity to see T grow into this amazing Dad, that guy even though he can drive me crazy with his hunting and his never ending school deal I'm so glad he's patient and loving and so helpful, he has the "Honey to-do list" down to a science (thanks babe).

Here's hoping I'll make it to the gym tonight :)


  1. That diaper slap story made me laugh out loud! She's so sassy. I can relate since I too am apparently raising a sassy toddler who pitches a fit whenever he doesn't get what he wants... It can only get better, right???
    Also, I know all about the snot. Ever since Nathaniel started daycare back in August, his nose has basically been a never-ending runny faucet. And he HATES when I wipe it.
    The joys of parenthood!
    On another note, she looks so sweet in her big girl bed! Congrats on that milestone!

  2. The diaper slap story!!! Oh my goodness!

    She is getting so big, and I love the stories about her personality. What a little firecracker. Also, her HAIR! To die for. So cute.


  3. Oh my goodness Celeste has such a silly personality. I can see how she keeps you on your toes. I can just see her giving you this huge grin after throwing the popcorn bag and her thinking, "how can you resist me??" Too Cute!