Monday, January 13, 2014

On my eating and my "wants"

As much as I been trying to ignore it eating is such a huge part of getting fit, I could work out everyday but if I go home and eat half pizza I'm only hurting myself and wasting my time which to me is precious so even though is a constant battle I decided to record my eating not only here but on Instagram made its own account and everything so people on my regular Instagram wouldn't hate me :) I also Snapchat my baby sister and my friend Jessica to annoy keep track.

Last week

I won't go into detail because let's face it that's boring but I will say that keep accountable is the only thing that stops me from stuffing my face with sourpatch candy.

Anyways on other news I cleaned out and re organize my closet this weekend not only that but I have no laundry to do as of right now ooooh aahhh I know right?! awesome! how did I do that well after looking at piles of laundry to the point it was ridiculous I decided it was time to get it over with and got myself a little happy helper known as T.

As I was folding clothes I told T I want to "reward" myself if I keep going to the gym and here are some of my wants a perfect white Tee, this classic black swimsuit or this one ooor maybe this one?

Well here's to not eating my way through the week :) 


  1. Oh my goodness, I know what you mean about laundry. Granted I don't also have a child to add to the mix of clothes but still, sometimes it's just so hard to get it started. Love the bathing suites, I saw this one too It reminds me of a liatard (sp?) though.

    1. I LOVE that swimsuit! I feel like I havent seen you in forever!

  2. Keep the healthy food snaps coming! I've started a workout journal and bought a TON of healthy food yesterday! GO US!