Monday, January 6, 2014

Why is it dark and cold in the mornings?

Guess who got up this morning?!
That's who!
yep yep yep I'm extra proud because it was stinking cold and dark this morning and it didn't take that much to get out of bed only like 2 snoozes :)
Regardless today is the first Monday of the year and since one of my new year resolutions was to get fit (cliche but hey you do what you gotta do) and by fit I don't mean skinny I mean toned, agile and more energized. I decided to do the same thing I did after I had Celeste to wake up stupid early and work out why? Because I saw results, I went from being in the 200s back to my regular weight in 3ish months. Sorry about the after picture is the only one I could find :/ I gots a big butt

Look at that belly! 
Sadly my biggest problem like every human is my love for food, and not comfort food like homemade but sweet processed fattening food so another goal is to not eat processed food. Hopefully as I get better at not eating drive-thru I will start eating cleaner too. But lets not get steps :)

Honestly if I could stop drinking coke for more than four days I say thats a win haha.

Now I been a gym member for about 3-4 months and I went regularly for two months but the holidays came around and out the window it went :) 

And to show you guys I mean business I taken a before picture of myself and in exactly 90 days I will post the before and after.

Wish me luck!


  1. i dont think i've seen the before picture before.... that was a big belly! how did we get that big?! such a weird thought!
    you have done an amazing job at losing the extra weight! you really do look tiny now! i was thinking that when i saw your Christmas pictures! Good luck with the 90 day thing! i need to get on that!

  2. You got this!!! Just stay motivated. The only advice I will give is take baby steps, especially in terms of eating differently. Just start first with one thing and gradually move to the next. It took me AWHILE but now after about two or so years of keeping with it my mind set is totally different. I don't even crave the things I use to. Good Luck!

  3. give up the coke!! I haven't had carbonation since new years!! Good luck though!! I'm right there with ya! Keep me posted on how your eating. Thats the hardest part for me!