Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dos Mil Catorce (2014)

For New Years' we went to PCB to be with my family and "party" with mah peeps and since T is married to me he came with ;)

Thats an actual smile

Mah peeps

My very own peeps

We like to party

Tis minutes before the new year

I'm not going to lie to ya 2013 was not our best year, we were blessed with health and an awesome little girl but we had a lot of trials nothing too crazy but it wasn't breezy. Thankfully me and T got through it stronger and we have the sweet ability to laugh at ourselves and an amazing family who is always always there for us.

But 2014 will be The Hudsons year :)

2014 will be the year T finally graduates, no idea what it feels like to be married and not have my husband do homework or work around his school schedule.
2014 will be the year to save and be frugal.
2014 will be the year to see my brother again.
2014 will be the year T and Celeste will meet my dad and brother and see the place where I grew up.
2014 will be the year where I will become a Citizen (more on that later)

2014 will be a good one folks, I can feel it.


  1. Dude I feel it too! I have never felt this excited for a new year before! You also forgot 2014 is when we'll be skinny

  2. I like Naomi's comment "when we'll be skinny!" haha and your 2014 list made me so excited for you! I'm excited for you to see your brother and for Tommy and Celeste to meet your family! yay!! Love ya dude!