Monday, January 27, 2014

14 Minutes

Last night as T was cleaning his gun ( or something) and I was playing with our old computer the one that has no screen and we can only see if we hook it up to the TV anyways I was looking at old pictures of Dixie as a baby SO CUTE got some puppy-fever and then I remember she ate all my shoes and peed on our bed and it quickly went away. I kept clicking on random folders and somehow ended up in the unnamed folder that had two videos I clicked on the first one and it was me recording baby Dixie jumping in water for the first time, then I clicked on the second one and guess who it was? Celeste not only Celeste but Celeste-who-literally-just-came-out-of-me newborn crying, whimpering and T comforting her YOU GUYS! I have on video the first 14 minutes of Celeste being a brand new baby! You can hear my Mom crying randomly and trying to comfort her (she was the one recording), you can hear T say random things because he was so nervous and scare he says and I have on video the first time he "swaddle" her and the nurse cheering him on, you can hear me in the background oddly calm probably because I was so dang tired which was actually my answer when my mom asked me "Are you happy?" and all I could say was "I'm just so tired Ma" :) 
All three of us sat there and watched the video intently, me and T would smiled at each other as in how in the heck did we do that smile? and Celeste would cry when her baby self would cry, definitely one of my favorite moments of 2014 thus far.

And now shes a big girl who wears ponytails and rocks Elmo to sleep.

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  1. This is the sweetest post! Cory was cleaning out the picture cache on his phone the other day, and we spent a long time looking at old baby pictures and videos. They are just so impossibly squeaky and tiny! How do they get so big so fast? I can't even handle this.

    P.S. Celeste's hair!!! It's the best.