Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This week so far...

Let me start by saying that sometimes we get slap in the face by life, you think oh all is well and then BAM its not.

Grandpa Dick we will miss you.

After driving back from PCB on Sunday I got home and realized I haven't been home the past 3 weekends which ended up making my house look like a HOT mess I'm talking laundry the size of my car but like a good housewife that I am I did the necessary and started my work week. Then Tuesday afternoon T called me to let me know that his class had been canceled and that him and babyface were on his way home, I shared with him my frustration of coming home and cleaning, I drove home singing or I guess rapping? to G-unit hoping that I would be "pumped" enough to get home and tackle my "housewives" duties once I got home I parked the car and notice the kitchen light was on which was weird because I haven't cooked in like two months (I'm not proud of it)  I opened the door and ladies I found babyface sitting in her chair, T was cooking and the kitchen was CLEAN! clean :) As I walked through the house I notice the carpet was vacuumed, the bathroom was "tidy" and the bed was made, if I didn't love him like I do I would have fallen for this guy all over again.

That was not the best early Valentines Day present...
Thats right I got a sewing machine! This baby has a sensor foot, an automatic threader and a 2 fully automatic buttonhole makers OoOoH aAah yeah 'tis awesome, it sounds old lady to be so happy about it but I am what I am. I already have two Easter dresses that were "ordered"? that sounds so fancy well I'm making two dresses and making a profit which makes me feel special :)

On another awesome note me and Kristen decided that our babies were adorable together and that we were going to make them each other Valentines...haha thats right! And after making some banners and getting a backdrop and a series of outfit changes we realize it was way harder to take pictures of two babies who move and drool and get hungry, boy did I miss the newborn stage where I could put her in anything.
Can I just say that Liam is a little gentleman he was so patient with Miss Celeste, Here's a little preview

How about those big beautiful blue eyes screaming for help? hahahah Celeste can be a bit of a drama queen but he kept it together and like a good man calmed her down with a little help of some toys. Yeah they play with toys now.

The men "helping"

So I'm super bored with my hair and thinking about doing something different with it and I'm thinking about dying it come spring maybe get some highlights? Thoughts?


  1. of course i love the pictures of those babies, but an automatic theader?!?! such an amazing feature! i think all machines should come with it. can't wait to see the easter dresses!

  2. Dang! That's a nice sewing machine! Also, I love the pictures of Liam and Celeste every time you guys get them together. They look like an old married couple! I'm totally rooting for them.

  3. Thanks!Yeah I'm def excited about the machine :) Liam and Celeste will probably be so embarrased we did this to them but hey if they do get married how cute would this be for the slideshow at the reception...gah i sound like a crazy lady