Monday, March 4, 2013

Its been a month

Honestly I can't believe its March already, that tomorrow Session starts (for me it started in December) and that babyface is a week-ish away from being six months! WAAAA?!
Let me tell you something about that little girl, shes the coolest baby ever I'm talking we hit the jackpot on baby goodness I think shes trying to trick us into thinking all babies are this good with her sleeping through the night since she was nine weeks and the whole look at me I can be totally entertain by just sitting in my bumbo and while you sew...I'm onto you and your big baby eyes! she's as cliche as this sounds growing crazy fast she sits up, grabs anything in her path and puts it in her mouth, she scoots pretty good but not a legit crawl just yet and smiles all the time which makes us melt.

The past two months we have done a lot yet theres so much to do still, Tommy is going to school 3 days out of the week so we don't get to spend as much time as we would like but thats just temporary, I started to actually pack a lunch for both of us, yep I'm all domestic like that. I have been trying to keep up with my workout even if it is running 30 minutes on the treadmill I made up this rule where I will DVR a show I like and watch it while I'm on the treadmill and I can't stop until the show is over...turns out an hour show is a lifetime while you are on a treadmill but I needed to watch the end of Pretty Little Liars, I have a serious problem of watching thrashy shows haha.

Last week was a little crazy I ran out of gas (turns out even little Hondas need gas), got pull over again (I forgot to put that dang sticker on), broke a tooth eating a granola thats what I get for trying to be healthy! and got a frantic call from my mom while she was carrying my baby brother (hes five) to the car he was playing on the monkey bars missed a bar and fell on his arm, breaking his wrist and passing out from the pain NO WORRIES though hes ok he had surgery he now has a screw and needs therapy to relearn how to use his hand but he will be fine :) needless to say me and babyface drove down there to cheer Uncle Matthew up and while down there help my baby sister bedazzled her prom dress. It was a sucess on all counts Matthew is doing great, I got my tooth fixed (haha) and Naomis dress turned out amazing, I'm talking even better than I thought it was going to.

We ended the crazy week on good terms going to a Make your own empandas get together, it was a lot of fun and super yummy and our alone time included some The Walking Dead and Key Lime pie, what can I say? we are romantic like that.


  1. Wow you guys are crazy busy!! I agree when the heck did March get here? Seriously it was only January 1st like a day ago. Oh well... baby girl is just too cute and getting more cute by the day. Sorry to hear about your brother though. That's really scary but thankfully all is well. OH and I totally want to see pictures of this prom dress!

  2. watching shows and running/walking is the way to do it! genius!!!
    i hope your march is less busy (at least that session wont suck!)