Monday, March 11, 2013

Lunes and the weekend

Its Monday and with that I'll tell you I'm having a very productive day me and T woke up early I'm talking so early that when I went into babyface room she looked at me like mom seriously? and I made breakfast WAA?! workout and cooked on the same day I'm pretty sure I deserve some kind of award hahahaha no but seriously I'm feeling super productive AND had plenty of time left over to cuddle with Celeste.


This weekend we met up with the my SILs at the Tallahassee Jr. Museum and had a blast! We saw a tiger, a panther, eagles, red foxes, turkeys, baby deer, bears and alligators! I was pleasantly surprise because this girl right here is not a huge nature person I know shocking mostly because I'm married to Mr. I-Love-Nature I do like the fact that he knows about nature I just don't like to be in nature,  I stick to what I think are funny remarks like "Look at those bears, bear-hugging each other" or "Maybe I'll see you later alligator" Celeste has a lot of those to look forward to :) she had a blast she was top-notch on the behavior scale (an imaginary scale I just made up) and stared at her cousins running around while baby talking but what she loved most of all was the swing I'm talking giggling love it.

This week is SB for FSU what! what! so T is happy annnnd I found out this weekend that he doesn't mind folding clothes! well folding might be a strong word more like he doesn't mind rolling clothes up in a ball and putting it in drawers which is plenty good for me :)


  1. Those pictures of celeste in the swing.... ADORABLE! seriously so cute. so are those baby converses!

  2. I see some pretty cute babies there!! Hope y'all had fun!