Monday, March 18, 2013

The doings of Babyface

Celeste is SIX months I can NOT believe its been that long already!
But more on that later, right now I want to share the doings of little Hudson

She's pretty much the coolest kid in our house, Dixie comes in at a strong second haha.
On the growing thing shes getting chunkier which I love and my arms are def feeling it (Kristen seriously you have to have some guns by now!), she grabs everything I mean everything by that we found out she loves water she already has a sippy cup but doesnt have the whole grabbing the handles thing down just yet and chicken we might have let her naw on it for a little bit, ice cream after basically one lick she grabbed it with both hands and ended up under the sink getting a "monkey bath" and grapefruit.
She loves it and it made wonder if the fact that I ate 3 of those a day while I was pregnant is to blame.
Last week she had to stay home (had some kind of bug) for a couple of days and T stayed with her when I got home I notice that she was in a soccer jersey and so was T they matched on purpose. Friday afternoon we were hanging out and after looking at her smile while T tickled her and I saw what I thought was a tooth we softly open her mouth and found this

Yep and by the end of the weekend we notice the tooth on the left was out too shes getting her top teeth this means shes ready for some bbq right? haha So I gave her a cold carrot to chew on, best advice I gotten teeth wise.

Saturday my plan was to go and do things but we ended up doing absolutly nothing and it was just what I needed :)

Lately shes been bouncing back and forth trying to go places, and she does but is a mix between rolling and army crawling.

And Sunday well this should sum up our Sunday

For those of you that are worried about her sleeping in the bed I was in the room watching TV while they were napping. 


  1. oh so cute! She just gets more beautiful each post I see. =)

  2. that picture of her top tooth!!!!! i laugh every single time i look at it! i love how her face is squished up!