Monday, March 25, 2013

Baby weight and a dress refashion

About two weeks ago I started doing Insanity, whats Insanity you ask? well Insanity is this crazy intense workout DVD set, why you ask? because after watching the infomercial 3 times (just a random fact I love infomercials) and seeing results from an actual person it convinced me that I too could do it, so I called order it and two days later it was staring at me in the face so I had no choice but to do it, now what I didn't think about when I bought it was how in the heck am I going to fit in 45 minutes of workout into my already long session days and spending/taking care of Babyface I looked at my schedule and I tried to ignore it but there was no other choice I would have to get up at 5 in the morning to do it so I did and I have for the last two weeks needless to say I'm pretty proud of myself, you might be curious about my results well there isn't any crazy changes yet but I have been super sore and with a lot more energy through out the day but most important of all I have been able to fit in into my dresses and pants pre-babyface (with a bit of muffin top but I'm working on it) which is an accomplishment on its on because after gaining more than double the recommended weight YEP you read that right double what can I say I blame my non-morning sickness and delicious breakfast food! darn you cheese grits and all of awesome cheesy goodness! anyways needless to say getting back into my regular jeans put a smile on my face still not completely back but I'm getting there :)

On a completely different note about 3 weeks ago I went to PCB to visit my baby Brother and his broken arm and ended up doing a little refashion on my baby sister dress Prom dress. disclaimer: the dress might look 100 times better because of her beautiful-ness

All I did was add the straps, bedazzled them those shiny things were a pain but totally worth it and jazz up the back the result was one of a kind and she love it.

This past weekend was a nice relaxing one no driving, no chores just hanging out.

These two are hilarious, Celeste LOVES Dixie she grabs her face and pulls on it Dixie is a great sport about it, it might have to do with the fact that Celeste drops 30% of her goodies on the floor which means snack time for Dixie. Celeste is getting to be such a big girl, shes been loving her sippy cup and LOVES to move shes what T calls a "wiggle worm" she acts as if shes going to get up and go places and do things, as of right now the only place she is going is backwards she learned to crawl sorta because she can only go backwards and refuses to be taught another way believe me I tried and ended up with a river of tears...dtama queen, she does sit up by herself which as a first time mom it amazes me everytime :)

These are the doings around these parts the plan is to hopefully take some 6 month pictures of Celeste but it has not been an easy task since the last thing she wants to do is to sit still.


  1. Congratulations on the weight loss!! That's exciting, I bet it did feel great putting on those prebaby jeans. Also, you did a fabulous job on your sister's dress she looks stunning in it. AND OF COURSE sweet baby Celeste is just getting too darn cute. I love the picture of her at the top of the page in the swing. =)

  2. sooooo jealous that you can fit into your pre-pregnancy pants. a huge deal!! that's awesome!
    6 months :( they aren't babies anymore! they are crawling, biting, opinionated things now.

  3. Wow! Good job with the workouts. I don't know if I could ever get up that early for anything! That's commitment.
    Also, that dress looks great! Love the sparkle!
    Your baby girl is super adorable and growing up sooo fast!