Thursday, March 28, 2013

First Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday Tommy took Celeste to her first Easter Egg Hunt! Thankfully I got off "early" for session (so grateful I did) and I made it there to see her enjoy the plastic eggs not the candy and seeing her eat the flowers in the photo booth.

Thats not a ghost its a bunny its the flash fault

If is near her she will grab it, pull it and will end up chewing on it so we have to watch her like a HAWK! 

It was a lot of fun and I love that shes getting older and getting to enjoy the "festivities" sorta :)
I would be OK if she stays this size too, shes getting heavy!

Two weeks ago I tried taking her six month pictures and ended up with a lot of "Tommy facing" the camera, as in she gave me the looks Tommy gives me when hes over taking pictures and this is what that looks like..

"I hate this, I don't want to just sit here"
"What? I gotta smile?"

I took some more with Dixie and they ended up one half crawling in the dirt and the other one on her back kicking her feet, I'll let you wonder which one did which.

" Seriously take the picture mom"

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