Friday, October 4, 2013

A mini-sewing

Last night I finished my sisters skirt and you guys it looks soooo good! to the point T was like "Babe you should make one in every color for yourself" and I might just do that but since she hasn't seen it I don't want to share it just yet.

But I did want to share a dress I made last Sunday for Celeste, I made it before church because I wasn't "feeling" anything she had I mean I can only take so many pink church dresses. So I made it out of a shirt I used throughout my pregnancy and now I see myself fat every time I wear it.

Excuse the pictures but is really hard to take pictures of a child that can not sit still!

and this is what the 10+ pictures I took looked like.

Happy Friday!


  1. so cute! you are talented girl!

  2. You just whipped that up before church? Holy cow. I wish I had your talent. That dress and Celeste are adorable.

  3. WHAT!?!?! Amazing. So cute. Teach me your ways.

  4. WOW. JUST WOW. I'm so impressed. Such an awesome talent you have!

  5. Oh she is just the cutest! and dude!! make me a dress like that!! :)