Monday, April 8, 2013

The past two weeks

WEEK 6!!!! YES!!!
Only 3 weeks to go, I seriously CAN NOT believe it.
These last two weeks have been the hardest weeks by far between catching every sickness going around and Tommy truck problems I dont want to go into detail but it involves water, the old truck and having to buy a new truck anyways basically the last two weeks have been super crappy but today is looking mighty fine we are all well health wise we all have cars AND I still manage to lose some weight even though working out was non existent.

Yesterday we had the opportunity of watching Conference, how wonderful it is to have a living Prophet. I am so amaze by the comfort I feel of having the Gospel in my life.

Celeste has NOT stop growing granted I think she is going to be rather petite this girl is on the go constantly between the crawling and her standing up while holding onto things we have to watch her all. the. time. She also learned to put out her arms when she wants someone to hold her I melt everytime she does it to me and Tommy he is basically planning on buying her anything and everything. She had her first sleepover (one night) at my Moms in PCB all I heard was "shes soo good" "she never cries" I told my Mom that yes she is good BUT we have a lot of years of girly-ness to look forward to so to not "praise" her too much, it was ridiculous how much we missed Celeste even though she was only away for a night.

I am looking forward to a week full of baby smiles and kisses and husbands bear hugs.

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  1. that first picture of celeste is so cute! she looks like a toddler! we need to get our babies together soon!!