Thursday, April 11, 2013


Have you ever blog hop? I do this more than I should, yesterday I ran into this blog and she had a list 30 things to write about and I decided to do it as well not 30 days in a row but maybe I will do it once a week. Click on the link to check out the list!
1/30                                                              20 random facts about me:

1. I been telling people for "years" that I'm 5' 7' but it turns out I'm actually 5' 6'.

2. I realize yesterday that I don't own a plain white t-shirt! wth?! how did that happen? now I'm on the lookout for the perfect white tee.

3. I only listen to voicemails to get rid of that little annoying icon that shows up.

4. I haven't eaten a carrot since I was ten, my mom used to make me carrot juice every morning before school and it was traumatizing.

5. I bought my first lipstick two months ago and haven't seen it since the day I bought it.

6. FRIENDS is my all time favorite show I can quote the mess out of it.

7. I chose a Droid phone over an Iphone mostly because I can't take all the fanciness that comes with the Iphone.

8. First time I saw Tommy I told him I liked his tattoos, this was at a YSA activity HAHA yeah yeah.

9. I say dude constantly.

10. I rode the Greyhound for 18 hours with Lauren because we wanted to hang out in Miami longer than our ride could, I do not recommend this.

Waiting for the Greyhound
 11. I once went on a second date with a guy because he promise to make me homemade funnel cake, not my proudest moment.

12. Now that I'm a mom I refuse to carry a purse, I don't carry anything purse-like unless I have to and its my diaper bag.

13. I could eat Taco Bell everyday.

14. I almost failed my Spanish class in HS, before you judge you should know that it was my senior year, it was my last period, I speak fluent Spanish so it was boring and the school was a block from the beach so yeah no worries though I graduated.

15. My parents got divorce when I was four.

16. My eyebrows grow at a crazy fast rate, so if I dont take care of them a unibrow will appear before my eyes.

17. I will cry and pass out if I'm asked to speak at church but I can talk all day in front of people when it doesn't have to do with my family or my religion. I'm sensitive like that.

18. My Dad calls me almost every weekend to tell me he loves me, he loves Celeste and to not stop working out. My parents met at the gym so they are both crazy work out maniacs.

19. My eyes are a super dark brown but when asked I say they are black.

20. I need to have earrings on at all times, the shinier the better.

Next on the list Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

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