Monday, April 15, 2013

2/30: 3 Fears

Today I'm doing my second post of the 1/30 if you dont know what I'm talking about click here.
 2/30 , Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears-

1. SPIDERS. Even writing that gives me the creeps! I have a serious case of Arachnophobia, this my friends is NO JOKE anyone that knows me knows that anything that resembles a spider makes me want to cry. Where did I get this fear? well me and my brother watched Arachnophobia when we were little and it basically scarred me for life.

If you haven't watched it DON'T watch it ok? Just don't do it, because you will be scare and be traumatize forever. Its horrible and I want to cry just thinking about it.

Its so bad I have jumped out of canoes to get away from a spider web, its embarrasing and sadly I don't think theres anything I can do about it :/

2. When Celeste was a newborn I feared she would stop breathing, now I'm sure this is a first-time mom common fear but nonetheless I poked her when she slept "too much" until she made so sort of noise, like I would be sound asleep open my eyes and think "is Celeste breathing?!" or I would ask T half asleep to check and make sure Celeste was breathing. Crazy you say? well maybe but it stopped when she was about 6 weeks old and I have a feeling I will be like that with every future child.

3. Saturday night we were watching TV, babyface was sleeping and then all the sudden Dixie starts barking like crazy, we then heard Austins (Ts bff) voice saying "you guys up!?" and we were :) he was with his newly Fiance Kaitlin after talking a bit we decided to go "muddin" so we got babyface all comfy and left to go ride around -before I go on I will tell you it was not dangerous nor loud or anything like that babyface never knew she went on an advventure she slept through the whole thing even when me and T were singing- anyways so there we were in the middle of the woods when we went into this really narrow road I'm talking narrow ok? I started telling T "Turn around I don't like this" and after clawing Ts arm a bit and freaking out I realize I'm a little bit on the clausthropobic side, nothing major like if you tell my baby sister "Naomi you are running out of air" she will start screaming and pacing around until you tell her different I use to do this to torture her when we were little I now realize how evil it is but hey she used to chase me with fake spiders (the huge ones from Halloween) in Walmart until I would be crying telling her to stop. Oh sibling love :)

Next post Describe your relationship with your parents.

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