Monday, April 22, 2013

3/30 -My parents All 3 of them

So before I go on you should know my Mom was married to my Dad whos a retired Federale in Argentina but they divorced when I was 3 years old and then about two years later she met my step-dad whom I known since I was five, so to sump up (haha) I have two Dads and one Mom-I'm very loved

I can go on forever about how awesome my parents are all 3 of them and how much they have done and sacrifice for me and my siblings but to not bored you to death with all my Latin-cheesy-ness I'll try to keep it short.

My Mom Nancy- Me and her are so much alike which is great but sometimes(very rarely) our stubbornness gets in the way. We are extra close for many reasons but the top 3 would be moving to the U.S and not knowing anyone, going through the Sergio (my older brother) thing basically the hardest thing I have ever been through to this day and having the opportunity of being with her throughout her last (surprise) pregnancy since she doesn't speak English I went to every appointment and was the person who was in the room with her during her C-Section. She's an awesome lady she's so entertaining I think she should have her own reality TV show on Univision :)

My Step-Dad Esquivel- I can remember Esquivel eating my Moms food when she didn't know how to cook (thats love) and laughing at him putting mayo on everything even soup! He's an awesome awesome guy and we get along super good, hes such an easy going guy and soo patient hes dealt with my teenage years like a champ and I am oh so grateful that he and my mom found each other.

My Dad- Roberto- Oh my dad! Hes a hoot! This guy spoiled my rotten is true, I was very super spoiled. We spend every weekend together when my parents divorced and once I moved here he calls me (stills does) every 2-3 days and will asked me how I'm doing, how Celeste and if I been running. I didn't see my dad for about ten years when I moved here and went back to Argentina recently and it was like I never left it was wonderful to know that our relationship was that strong.

All in all I'm very blessed in the parents department they are all amazing and are such a huge part of my life.

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