Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A little preview

Cute huh?!
Yep that's my baby :) well I guess shes not a baby anymore which is weird, I am so grateful to be this little girls mother or mami as she calls me when she feels like it, she's amazing and shes sugar and spice and everything nice :) Saturday she's turning ONE and I look at her and I can not believe it she's such a big girl one who entertains herself and plays with Dixie and throws tantrums (yeah that started).

Things over at the Hudsons have been pretty chill, working and school mostly can I just tell you I can NOT wait until T is done with school! UGH he goes to school 3 days out of the week until 9ish! by that time babyface is asleep (most times haha) also joined the gym and I been going to classes pretty regularly or so I try, why does it have to be so hard to wake up in the mornings?!

Anyways my BFF Lauren got engaged and so as her Bachelorette/excuse-to-get-together we are all going to Orlando Jessica is flying out from Utah for Halloween Horror Nights! 3 days with my best girls=awesome-ness, I'm so excited!!!!

This week will consist of me trying to clean the apartment while being a mom, working full time and working out.

Wish me luck :)


  1. LOVE these pictures! She's Adorable!

  2. SO much cuteness going on in those pictures!!!

  3. That little pink dress is to die for!! It's so cute. Good luck this week on all the preparations. And Happy 1st Birthday Celeste!!!!

  4. She is SO CUTE!! I can't believe she's a year old already!! and can I just say I am so beyond excited about HHN and spending the weekend with you and Lauren!! yay!!