Friday, May 3, 2013

Oh Sweet Sweet Friday!!!!!



With a 100+ hours in comp time (less than last year but still) my summer with Babyface is going to be awesome!

Short days and long weekends is the plan :)


My poor baby is teething and this is the first time shes been really fussy, crying, grumpy and wanting to be held which I love especially when she sticks out her arms makes me smile every time:) because now that she realize she can go places herself she doesn't really stay still unless shes asleep. She has 4 teeth coming in, two up top and two in the bottom.

This shirt is perfection. I must buy-it an/or make it.


This morning I woke up somewhat early and did my hair WHAAA this is very rare since I always prefer looking like a mess than giving up ten minutes of sleep...doesn't everyone? but I figure I would do my hair AND put on makeup since it is the last day of Session (!!!!),  I felt so put together until I went outside and realize it was raining. LAME!!!!!

This weekend I'm going to try and make my first tutorial :) wish me luck and

 Happy Sine Die Day and Friday to you!

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