Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oh Martes

It's Tuesday and for only being Tuesday so much has happened all of it good other than my skirt splitting in the back (#bigbuttproblems) or the fact that someone may or may have not left a note about my parking on my windshield, you guys I was running late to work! there was no time to park in between the lines!

This weekend will be spend with my two BFFs and I honestly can NOT wait! I will be leaving Celeste for the first time with T who is super excited to have some "Daddy-daughter" bonding time, I'll miss her for SURE but I will be back and all will be well.

Things are good; is so weird for it to be almost November as in Thanksgiving as in Christmas is right around the corner bringing yet another new year. This year will be the last year without my big brother and I couldn't be more excited, we are all anxiously planning our trip to Argentina so we can all meet up again oh that day will be a big blur of happiness and joy.

Hunting season will be here in a few weeks, UGH hunting season. Why must my husband be so country?! on the plus side he shaved his beard the other day :) I do love that guy, he's a good one.

Celeste is a little rascal she gets into EVERYTHING I mean everything and anything, her laughs I could listen to that all day she also eats like is going out of style carrots, lentils, meats, bread, noodles, peas anything she likes it all! In my family we all call her gorda or gordita (which means fatty) but is said in the sweetest way of course, we all have nicknames. She totally entertains herself and is wanting to talk sometimes she gives me the stink eye when I go from English to Spanish she's probably like "what do you want from me?! I'm only one!", but once she gets the hand of it she will be a talker for sure and singer oooh she loves to sing especially to Taylor Swift is pretty adorable.

Me? Well I'm working and having some other things a-brewing (not growing a human or anything that intense) but projects and stuff. Also my workout routine was pretty good until this week, been going 3 days a week at least and its working slowly but it is so that keeps me going. I have also been cooking aka using the Crockpot more often I made like 5 meals this month *OOOOH AAAAHH I know I know I'm like the wife of the year :)

Sorry for the long post, next time I'll have some pictures I promise :)

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  1. Dude me too! I've made dinner everyday this week! That is abnormal!! :)