Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New place, Happy dog and Some sewing

WE MOVED! no more walking up and down the stairs, no more driving to take the trash out I gotta say its pretty sweet. But the one who's enjoying it the most is Dixie she cant believe she gets her own little patio, even though she doesn't know what to with it just yet I'm sure the annoying little dog next door will help. Well a lot has happened, some things better than others.

However that has nothing to do with sewing so here's a couple of pictures of my doings.

Bow Polka-dotted pillow
Curtains and a matching frame

and that's about it, it doesn't seem like a lot but watching TV and sewing is not the most productive fastest way to do it but oh well it works.

That's all for now,

Happy 4th of July!!!

Later, A.H

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