Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm back

So I'm back and you (invisible readers) might be asking yourself "so how was it?" I'll tell you how it was the best shortest way possible...
a list

1. I cried of happiness after seeing my dad, siblings, family, house
I grew up in, hometown       

2. I laugh until I cried countless of times

3, I ate until I could no longer fit into my pants -true story

4. I dance/hung out with family and the "older" crowd aka the people you least expected to see dancing

5. I saw, touch and froze in the cold mountains of Argentina

6. I went on a 22 hour road trip with my dad-twice

7. Stayed up until 6 in the morning after a night of eating, dancing, getting ice cream (in below zero weather at 4am in the morning) with my family

8.  Answered about 1,000 questions all T related, he's very
 popular(everyone wants to know who can actually put up with me)

9. Got lost in the bad part of Buenos Aires (with my dad) and lived to tell the story  ok that's a little dramatic but still exciting

10. And all in all between planes (four of them each way)  and road trip to hometown 22 hours away, I traveled a total of 82 hours that's right! 82 hours and it was TOTALLY WORTH IT! 


on  a side note I did miss my husband a whole lot, like a ridiculous amount and I am glad to be what is now my home

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