Monday, August 1, 2011

Things are-a Happening

This weekend went by SUPER fast, and after driving down to Tampa I realized that we are not "stay-home" kind of people. We like to be out and about either here or there which is good for now, but when the little people come (children not actual little people, ha) in the future we are going to have to stop with the traveling. This made me sad but it also made me appreciate the time that we have now (and the fact that we have family all over the place), how much I enjoy being able to get up and go and do whatever it is we want, IT'S GREAT! I LOVE IT! I guess when we get to that point where traveling is no longer a breeze we will stop but until then we are going to keep on trucking.

3 Funny things I saw/did this weekend-

1. Here is T with a red face (scuba diving), and a mustache because he's fancy and grown-up.

2. Dixie rode with me in the front seat while sickly T slept in the back, no worries it was totally safe and dog approved thanks to the handy dandy seat belt.
I didn't want to show her goodies
3. This is a sort a funny story so after a long day, around ten-ish I started to crave brownies I drove to Publix got the "stuff" and started to make it. If you know me at all you will know that cooking/baking is not my thing, so as always I bought the fast add eggs and oil box kind.
As I was making it T and Em (Ts youngest sister) were talking/distracting me, the baker. As soon as I mixed all the stuff it was ready to go in the oven. Five minutes after placing my work of art in the oven I went to the fridge to look for something to snack on while waiting, I opened the fridge and all the sudden it hit me...I DIDN'T PUT THE EGGS IN THE MIX!. As I stared into the fridge I whispered crap and of course T heard me and the first thing he said "What? did you forget to put sugar in the brownies?", psh dummy you don't put sugar in box brownies but you do put eggs which I happened to forget. I quickly took the mix out of the oven and added the eggs, YES I added the eggs...I really wanted brownies. T and Em laughed and pointed. At the end the brownies came out fine but I'm sure T will never let me live down the fact that I forgot to put eggs in an "add-the-eggs" mix. I see it as in this is why I should never cook/bake and also learned that apparently you can add the eggs to any mix even after cooking it for ten minutes. Ha. 

The clumps are walnuts, SO GOOD

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