Friday, July 22, 2011

Cooking? Me? Really.

Yesterday I went to my first cooking class. It was one of many I'm sure, since anyone that knows me knows that I'm not thrilled about cooking for two hours, being in the hot kitchen, getting everything dirty, and then having to wash everything afterwards just to eat it in like two seconds. Hey I respect women that do it and love it, it's really a talent. It was actually my decision to go since lately, thanks to Ts hobby, we have a lot of fish in the house that sadly I had (past tense) no idea what to do with.

The name of the class was "Snapper 3 ways", which I thought meant cooking 3 different types of snapper. Well gente* that's not the case, 3 ways meant 3 ways to cook the stinky fish. The class consisted of seven older ladies and me. While I'm there sitting in the midst of everything I see this lady open her purse and what does she pull out? A wine bottle, that's right - drinking and cooking, might be food networks next campaign. Not only did she have wine but also glasses (the ones you drink out of)! You know what I thought "Well that's not very lady-like or safe but I guess she's prepared" ...Oh geez, middle-age ladies and wine. Now whenever I see a middle age lady I will wonder if she's ready to party cook. I don't know if it is because I haven't been in a class in a long time or the fact that I paid to be there, but man I was ready to learn and take notes. Not only that but I also helped to cut the fish, pretty exciting stuff huh? Once the fish was cut it was then put away, (I thought, WTH, where are you taking my master piece?!) then the chef explained that we were going to learn how to make sauces that go with the fish since cooking it only takes minutes. One looked like mayo and the other looked like gravy with onions, but both of them tasted nothing like that. They were pretty freaking tasty! After cooking the sauces we got to cook the fish, which literally took 5 minutes, and then got to eat it with our fancy sauces, so good - not as good as steak but still very good.

Soon I will put my new skills to the test and cook that myself. Thankfully I came home to find home-made fried chicken and home-made potato chips, oh how I love T and his awesome skills.

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