Monday, July 18, 2011

Doings and such

My "30 day hair challenge" started out horrible bad, like I wanted to rip out my hair bad, but once I got through that I did a few "hairstyles" it definitely takes patience and actual time to do your hair which I never really done before. I will keep trying until I make it look like "it ain't no thing".

Me and T (that's what I'm calling him now, at least on "paper") had a pretty productive weekend, here are a few of our doings:

Got some spear gear for T from some guy out in the woods, we had a code word in case it went bad
I washed and ironed literally
 ALL of our clothes
Cooked, THAT'S RIGHT COOKED! some awesome Milanesas with mashed potatoes,I also made a Chicken wrap-I'm pretty proud of myself, I felt like a housewife
Went winter clothes shopping found NADA,
shopped online successfully
Finally hanged my sweet birthday mirror
Cleaned out all the rooms even the blinds, and one of the rooms twice after Dixie threw up some yellow slimy stuff
Bought luggage for the trip
Got Whataburger at 1am,
needed pancakes
We also met our new niece Lillie she's SUPER cute apparently babies born this month are, because Brody our new nephew who is about a week apart from her is adorable too. So I guess my future children are out of luck.

I haven't really been sewing much getting ready for the trip and all,but I did make an apron not too long ago as a thank you to a co-worker who got me a massage after session.
It looks better in person, you can't really appreciate the ruffle-ness details in the picture.

I wasn't trying to be fancy on the middle angle picture, I'm just too lazy to rotate it

Bueno gente (it means well peeps/people/crowd, who ever if anyone is reading this might learn some spanish without even trying)
 that's all I got at the moment I might get the need to re-do a dress I bought, T did the stanky face when I tried it on so I'm going to have to make some tweaks.

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