Friday, September 30, 2011


Thankfully Ts and I schedules are more synchronized than last semester so we are usually together in the afternoons after I go to the gym (oh yeah I'm totally a work-out maniac now) this also means that T has to deal with "disciplining" Dixie which goes something like this-
I get home, I opened the door and as always I say "DIXIEEEEE" with my annoying natural loudness as I look for her I see T walking towards me with his finger on top of his mouth like shushing me, SHUSHING ME!? oh no he didn't I tried to compose myself before going all Latina on him and said "What, whats up?"
T- "Dixie is in time-out"
Me- Laughing because he tried to sound serious asked "Why?"

(I can't honestly remember what was sooo bad that she ended up in time-out I'm pretty sure she ate the cake that was in the trash or might have eaten a whole rotisserie chicken again who knows)

He explains to me what she did and says "go to the other bedroom and see what she is doing"
I walked to the door and peak in there to find this

Yep that's her under the sheets in time-out.

 I love them.    

P.s- I decided that's how I'm going to discipline our future teenagers, because it might not work but it sure is funny. 

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