Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sixteen years ago

La Paisa, Nana, Gordis aka Naomi my baby sister has turned 16th! WHAAAA?! I know I can't believe she is ONLY 16. Naomi was a "trouble child" since the day she was born not the rebellious kind but the "I-almost-killed-my-mom-kind" is true. Let's go back about 16 and half years ago I was blissfully happy being the baby of the family and having my older brother only taking ME to cool places like the park and that huge tree I wasn't allowed to climb unless he was there these were the days were Naomi was a name unknown to me and my hometown of Bariloche (for reals my parents had to pay to name her Naomi because no one in the surrounding cities had that name). The news my mom was pregnant were given to me when she started to get sick, trips to the hospital were a normal thing and her looking yellow was normal. It started to get worse and worse as time went by I started to be with my dad weekedays which was odd because I only got to be with him on weekends, I wasn't allowed to hang out with my mom at the hospital anymore only quick visits. One vividly memory I have is being in an ambulance on our way to the clinic with my brother by my side her wearing this huge black jacket while laying on the gurney just smiling, the siren blasting in the background she looked at me and my brother and said "we never ridden in an ambulance before, this is fun right?"
That right there sums up my mom. I remember praying with my step-dad and brother, and teaching my dad to pray for my mom and sister.
September 18th- She was now staying in a private clinic of about 3 floors two of the floors were filled with friends and family  even the stairways had people waiting to give blood to my mom, supporting my scared step-dad and comforting my older brother. Last time I saw my mom I had to be sneaked in by my aunt (a nurse) in the dirty laundry cart my mom was intensive care and kids weren't allowed there.
(The following was told to me by my step-dad and brother)
On October 6th my mom was rushed into emergency surgery her organs were shutting down and she had only hours to live, the doctors plan was to get the baby out (at only 26 weeks old) and knew that Nancys body will not be able to take it. My step-dad had to sign a form stating that, I can't even begin to imagine what he felt. This was why my aunt came from Buenos Aires wearing only black clothes.

My mom flatline for a few seconds, but she came back...needless to say it was a miraculous day.
Naomi was taken to the NICU the intensive care unit for premature babies, my step-dad took me and my brother to see her we had to  wear gloves, gowns from head to toe and could only touch her with two fingers. My mom got to meet Naomi about a month later due to the fact that she was in intensive care herself.

Naomi at 36 weeks

After all this, all I can say is that I can't imagine my life without Naomi, she's funny looking, she's sweet, kind, caring, tosca, ackward, hilarious-ly sarcastic, SOO pretty but most of all she has a huge heart. I love you paisa and I love being your older sister.

P.s- Stop getting so tall, you are making me look short

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