Tuesday, October 11, 2011

That is the weekend.


T told me my FIL was staying the night over Friday
Told T not to "help me" clean, get me some Taco Bell instead
Watched Heroes
Stayed up until 3am, cleaning


Left work early
Drove for two hours to PCB
Got Matthew singing Happy birthday on video
Had dinner with my sister and her friends
Told them about the Ts proposal. Watched them tilt their heads and "aw"
Ate Argentinian Bar B Q
Took pictures of my sister/friends
Started on the Dinosaur cake
Baked two cakes in 2 hours
Went to bed around 2am


Woke up to my mom telling me we had a picture appointment
At walmart
Heard my mom screamed, walked in there expecting to find a dead puppy
Found Matthew, scissors and his hair all over the bed instead
Got a hat to cover up Matthews new bald spot
Went to Walmart "Photo" place
Laughed at my sister put her shaw over her head to be incognito
Took pictures
Bought more icing and Redbull
Stuffed my face with noodles
Started decorating the cake
2pm cake is looking sweet
Time to go to the park to set up
Pirate Parade was going on
We were late
Forgot plates, forks and the cake
Got cake, party was a success
Went home
Ate some more
Took a power nap
Took Dixie out for a midnite walk with my parents
Found baby walking around(about 16-18 months old)
Called the police
Found Babys home
Waited for the cops
Talked to the cops
Left feeling sad over baby
Went to sleep around 2am

Birthday cake and Birthday shirt both by me


Woke up at 6am
Ate birthday cake for breakfast (because I am a grown-up)
Said goodbye to my Fam
Drove two hours back to Tally
Got home, changed and went to Lillies blessing
Went to Marys for lunch
Took pictures
Went home
Had a serious conversation with T regarding our future
Went to sleep with a smile on my face

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