Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm not nice sometimes

I been sick ALL week ALL freaking week and I have to tell you it sucks, bad.

I'm being crabby, I feel crappy and I look just horrible. (how lucky is my marido)

So I been trying to think of things I will do next week (assuming I'm feeling better) and of course clothes

Untitled #765

Happy Birthday, Marina!
how amazing is this dress!?

came into mind then food then more food then sewing then clothes well you get it is a vicious cycle really.

Other than that things are good we went to Halloween Horror Nights had a BLAST, so much fun, the lines were long yes but seeing my sister and SIL running and screaming was totally worth it.
We been out of town every weekend for about a month so I'm hoping to stay in Tally at least until the Holidays start.

Plans for this weekend?
SEWING, it WILL happen
also might be taking some pictures of people/dogs

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