Thursday, October 27, 2011

Naked how I feel without my ring. I had to take it to the place to get it shiny and clean because it was looking gross and slimy ok maybe not slimy. So I will be ring-less for two weeks
does that mean I'm single? no
weird publix grocery bagger guy it does not.

14K White Gold 1 Carat t.w. Diamond Engagement Ring
I'm putting this so I wont forget what it looks like


Anyways we decided to go to West Virginia for Thanksgiving with Ts dad, we are driving, yes driving there a 14 hour ride but after my little cross country road trip with my dad (22hr rt) 14 hours doesnt seem that bad since we will be stopping and resting in South Carolina.
Oh dear our first (more than 6 hr) road trip, as I look for games and food I'm getting excited even though I don't know what I'm getting myself into
T said there might be snow, lots of trees and mountains.


I sure hope is not too cold as I come to find out I'm not really a "fan" of cold weather.

One bad thing is that we can't take our baby aka Dixie, she can't go :(
mostly because she's like a horse on redbull sometimes and can't help herself from jumping, breaking and licking things and people. So she's staying at my moms, my family is pretty excited about it since they loved her just enough to take care of her and to give her back. haha

Sorta like this

Good news is that I feel way better :)
and I get a "whoop whoop" for cooking two nights in a row! Yep I cooked

And it was actually good! 

I might start trying to use my crockpot like this lady, maybe not everyday for a year like her but once a week maybe? and since session is starting soon this might come in very handy.

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