Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween and Lace

Halloween was pretty sweet, we went to Marys house my sister-in-law who had a baby recently Niece #6 she's pretty adorable. My other two sisters IL were there also which meant two things
1. My niece and nephew were going to be there
2. I'll get to go trick or treating with them
Guess who else decided to go trick or treating? Dixie! she dressed up as a brown bear ok maybe not "dressed-up" but she kinda looks like a bear so it should count.
She had no idea what was going on but regardless she was super excited like she drank a 22oz redbull(so good) excited.
I'll stop rambling on about my dog now. 

Pinkalicious and me :)

SIL and baby niece

Pinkalicious doll and T

So here is the project I been working on this lovely lace old vintage dress.

Where did I get such awesomeness? the goodwill my friend the good ol'will, so far I have taking in a little on the sides and re did the sleeves-one because they were see through and two because there were a few rips in the lace. I am now debating on dyeing it either a green-ish or black or just dye it white (yes there is such thing) or red I'm really leaning on red thanks to all the cute pinterest pictures but where could I wear a red lace dress? not too many places. Any suggestions?


Quick story this happened yesterday-

I'm at work, my phone rings is my Mr. Husband
T- "Hey babe how do you put the thread on here?"
"What thread? where? what are you doing?" I said sorta scared
T-"On this sewing machine, do I just put it through the hole?"
"What are you doing? wait what are you sewing!" I was laughing but thinking oh geez
T- "Those pants I asked you to do forever ago" (still had no idea where to put the thread)
I took a deep breath and walked him through it step by step on how to thread the needle to put the patch on the pants
There was silence
"Did you get it? is it working?" I asked him not wanting to hear the answer
"Wow really that's all? I got it"

Ten minutes goes by phone rings again

T-"I ran out of thread, what do I do?"
Again I explained to him what to do
I heard clinking and things falling
"I don't know what just happen, you need to put it back together when you get home"
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!" I sorta screamed 
"I don't know the thing fell out, love you"

Came home to find my sewing machine in pieces (as in he pull out some things that didn't need to) and his pants with the patch half sewed on half glued on.

Yes, glued on.

And now he knows WHY I take "forever" sewing

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