Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fox or Faux leather?

Let's get this out there I'm foreign, English is my second language and sometimes usually when I'm tired or is late my english "battery" sort of runs out.
So when I told T I was making a fox leather purse, he looked at me and said "faux"
with a duh look on my face I said "yes fox that's what i said."

The faux-fox dilemma of him saying faux and me "repeating" it saying fox
went on for a good couple of minutes
before I realized there was a difference. Excuse my foreign self.

Anyways I made a FAUX leather purse, I turned out only ok since I don't have the special needle(also known as the quilting needle).

I'm debating whether using myself or to "gift it" (Ts idea)
the inside in a chevron pattern, I bought this fabric like 2 months ago and couldn't think of anything to make with it.

Also I decided to do this (found on pinterest)

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