Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lady in coral

5 things that are sure to make me smile-

1. Getting a letter from my older brother.
2. Making empanadas with my family.
3. T dancing with Dixie.
4. Quoting Friends with my sister.
5. Drinking Coca-cola out of a can.

A while ago I posted this picture of this lace dress

and thanks to Pin-Interest (I recently notice I was saying it wrong thanks Kristen) I had the need to dye it red like this kind of
Pinned Image

And with Ts help it turned out like this

A light red-ish coral color it looks better in person, these pictures were taken by Mr. Self timer and let me tell you doing that is hard,  you have to press the button focus the camera, run to the spot and act as if it ain't no thing.
If I keep on "modeling" I will get T to be the photographer, can't promise my face will look any better though.

This afternoon we are leaving to West Virginia we have snacks, drinks and movies to watch.
 We are not stoping until we get to South Carolina.
It should be fun...
Happy Thanksgiving!

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