Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We are not there yet

So no Christmas cards this year mostly because I don't think we are there yet, as in yes we are grown-ups but not the Christmas cards kind...yet, maybe next year?

I did however made a "mock-up" of what it would look like if were to send it out

Fancy huh?

She looks all cute and picture perfect but this is how the "photo shoot" started

The "gah I hate my life" look

anyways Christmas parties are "popping" (do people still use that?)this year
at my office Christmas party I got this 

Yep yep yep shes a candle and eye candy
does she scream white elephant gift or what?!

I did get something else and I have to admit it totally made my day because is the first one I ever gotten


I have to say my gift standards are pretty high after this so I don't know what T is going to get me...that's a lie I do know he's going to get me a mannequin.

An adjustable pinnable mannequin!...wow I sound so fun and happening, regardless I'm excited.

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