Friday, December 30, 2011

Feliz Navidad!

Feliz Navidad!!! is what you heard in my moms house Saturday at 12:01am.
Since we are Hispanic and all we wait up until midnight to "wait for Christmas", have a toast and open presents but while we waited until midnight to do all that we ate, played boardgames and took quick naps on the couch (T!).

I have to say I'm not the biggest Christmas person, I like it because of what it means but I'm not the one to go caroling (believe me no one wants me to do that), or decorate like crazy to be completely honest last year I didn't decorate at all WAIT don't judge me yet we didn't even spend Christmas at our place so I saw no need for it, yes I guess I'm a horrible wife.
This year however I put a little bit more of an effort and when I say little I mean my Christmas tree was as big as my hand...

Cute huh?

We are hoping it grows haha

The ornaments may or may have not ended up sewed to my ugly sweater

Ok they totally did

By the way the party was a lot of fun, I'm glad we went.

I did decided to start a new tradition, I decided to make one of these every year 

Of course the idea came from Pinterest

To sum up our Christmas was great, had quality time with my family, Tommy hunted and I got to see my two best friends Jessica and Lauren.

New Years let see what you got!!!

P.s- Random but this made me literally laugh out loud

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