Friday, January 13, 2012

So this is the New Year

Every time someone would say something about the New Year I would be singing to myself that Death Cab for Cutie song..."So this the New Year and I don't feel any different mumble mumble crystal mumble mumble"

Our New Years was pretty sweet I cleaned and re-did our closets because my mom always said it was good to start the year with everything clean, T of course went hunting he got home in the afternoon.
Then we
Decided to go to Ihop to eat, mostly because it was the only place open at 9:30pm on New Years eve.
I do love brinner though (breakfast for dinner).

10.30ish Went to Tabs (my friend from work)
Played pictionary, learned that Ts drawing skills are not so good.
Around 11:58ish turned the TV on to do the countdown in a room  that had the most perfect Christmas tree I seen it was like Dillards in there oh so fancy...anyways did the countdown, kissed and the jokes of Dick Clark "good looks" started, poor guy.
Played some more and then decided our baby child aka Dixie was at home alone so we left.

Our only resolution this year is as a couple to not eat out.

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That might have not been the best idea since session started and I will start working some crazy hours.
But oh well a resolution is a resolution you can't break that right???????

Anyways life is good, have to post some things I made I just feel really stupid taking pictures of myself and having T as the photographer is like he's on something he just keeps on pressing that dang button, things could be hanging out of my nose and he would just keep on taking pictures (he only did it once but that was enough.) 

P.s- I got new glasses
Got them online
A little bigger than I thought they would be, I still like them people around me though? not so much-been called Drew Carey, nerdy and hipster.
 (Freya if you are reading this I should have listened to you)

T hates them

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