Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Veinticinco Añitos

25 Years old, that's old how my husband T is.
For his cumpleaños we stayed home (mostly because it was on a Sunday and we party old people style)

Well my dear husband wanted a ice cream cake, not for me to buy it but to make it.
You would think after last year lemon cake-lemon icing fiasco(he ended up eating by himself, it was gross) he would be ok with me buying cake but nooOoOoOooOo...
anyways this year was a little better

Nice huh? it looked so fancy, no idea on how it was because I don't eat cake and ice cream together I KNOW!
People usually think less of me after knowing that, but I don't like mixing stuff. Might be OCD. Might be because I'm weird.
But my food critic aka T thought it was pretty good so that's all that matters.  By the way I totally sang Happy Birthday to him, with my sweet annoying voice.

P.s- May I just express my undying love for my baby child aka Dixie, I just love her. She makes me happy.
Oh and T too.
AW Love

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