Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ocho things

Ocho things you might not know about me-

1. I grew up in Argentina, of this I am very proud of.
 (the pride comes with the culture)
2. People always assume I like spicy foods I DON'T-AT ALL.
The most spicy thing I ever eaten is the mild sauce at Sonny's because T made me.
(spousal abuse?) 
3. I can eat grapefruit and lemons any time of the day.
 It's like natures sour candy. mmmmmh sour candy
4. I would say 65% of my thinking is sewing related.
Why? because I can that's why. 
5. I sometimes get Taco Bell just to drink their Baja Blast. That's stuff is addicting.
6. I love steak, I would be depressed without it.
 This girl ain't no vegan.
 (however I do respect people that have the willpower to do this)
7. I am deadly afraid of spiders, I don't care how small they are.
 They are evil and they are out to get me.
Just so you know there is always a spider within 6 feet of where you are sitting,
 just saying that scares me.  
8. I always feel the need to get popcorn at the movie theater, even if I just ate.

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