Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tuesday Glimpse

Before I go on to complain that I didn't get home until 8pm Tuesday and that I had not eaten for about 5 hours...STRAIGHT!

I will say this-

I do not consider myself a Valentine kind-of-girl, I don't even make a big deal about my anniversary, last year we ate Taco Bell for our "big day" (classy right?)
I mean after we got married I demanded told my newly husband to take me to Chick-fil-a with dress and all.
So there I'm not one of those girls HOWEVER this Tuesday was different mostly because I had worked a 12 hour day and I was hungry.
I was needless to say cranky (to put it lightly) just plain old-Argentine cranky (which Tommy will tell you happens to be the most severe cranky-ness level in our household)

So I will sum up it for you-I expected food I did not get (until late because of church so that was ok),
 I expected flowers I did not get (who gets a grown women a balloon that Thomas that's who)
And I was cranky.
But our love got through that (I know that some serious trials huh?)
And we ate happily ever after.

I did get flowers and food at work which helped me get through a long day.

P.s.- Just to be clear I love my husband. And Dixie. 

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