Friday, March 9, 2012

It’s Friday, Friday

Five things I like about Viernes (Friday)

1. There's usually good food around the office.
Like this 

Pinned Image
That's cream cheese in the middle, can you say DELICIOUS
2. Everyone is surprisingly upbeat.
As in people actually talk to you in the elevator.
Pinned Image
3. People are randomly humming songs.
I heard Gangsta Paradise (that might have been me)
but I did hear Everybody have fun tonight (everybody wang chun tonight).

4. The pile of paper work on your desk becomes
your friend.
Pile of work- "Hey I know I look never-ending, but its FRIDAY!"
Me- "It is Friday! I love you pile of work!"

5. No matter how long my day is, and if today is anything
 like last year I won't be home until 3.30ish in the morning and that's OK
because I know that I'll get to spend two whole days with T and my baby child Dixie.

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