Sunday, March 11, 2012

Uno mas

So after waiting for almost 13 weeks to share the news, now you know.

We are having a 
little tiny baby Hudson.

Here's a little bit of how it happened...
We decided to be a "party of four"
(four because I'm including baby child Dixie) 
the end of last year, and by Ts birthday I was feeling completely fine
 but different somehow. I took a test in the morning of Ts birthday
 I got one of those digital ones the pregnant/not  pregnant  and bam THE word pop up.

Since it was his birthday I decided it would be cool to wait
 until present time to tell him and man that was hard!!
And since I knew I couldn't tell him myself  because i'm a cry-baby  
I wrote it in his birthday card, needless to say he was super excited and he was 
extremely impressed with my excellent secret keeping be honest I was too.

We been to the doctor and thankfully all is well :)

Other than me eating at least two lemons a day and eating a
 ridiculous amount of breakfast food I'm good and oh so grateful.

We are so excited and feel so blessed for this
 wonderful addition to our little family.

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