Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tuesday the 13th

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This is so true, usually Argentinians don't do much on Tuesday the 13th.
They don't buy anything major or make contracts or make any important decisions is sort of like Friday the 13th but with some latin drama.
We are the superstitious kind.
Weird huh? People seem to think so, I never thought twice about it.

Anyways I'm
13 Weeks
Bye bye to feeling tired all the time
and Hello ENERGY!

Like I said before I been very blessed with the fact that I haven't thrown up not once.
(I still feel for you Kristen!)
. But on the other hand I had to get through 12-16 hours work days while feeling tired, hungry and just plain cranky was definitely not fun but now that Session is over (HECK YES) I can enjoy my extra hours at the beach.
Since my phone well sucks, I won't be taking weekly belly pictures until I feel foxy and by foxy I mean not like a fat blob which is rare these days.
But you know who's very photogenic?
Mah baby, Baby H

How Far Along: 13 Weeks, 1 Day

Size of the Baby: Peach


Maternity Clothes: Is it bad that I refuse to buy maternity clothes
(even though I will need it sooner than I like to think)
but no, no maternity clothes yet. Just a belly band that I made myself with the help of my other belly friend Kristen :)

Stretch marks: No. Man I'm terrified of those. I put lotion like a psycho on that belly.

Weight gain/loss: I don't want to talk about it.

Sleep: Been sleeping like a baby not like I'm carrying a baby. Gah I'm so clever. Unless Ts and Dixies snoring wakes me up, then I wake up to do something kicking or pillow throwing.

Best Moment of the Week: Tuesday we got to see baby H arms, legs and everything. It was pretty amazing.

Symptoms: Just crankiness, and hungriness two very bad "symptoms" if combined.

Food Cravings: Lemons, chocolate ice cream which is totally odd because I'm not an ice cream kind of girl and any breakfast food. mmm Ba-con

Gender: April 18, What what! I might wait until Baby H is born to find out though...T not a fan, SIL not amused and me well I'm pretty content with my sweet idea.

Belly Button in or out: In. Hoping it stays that way.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Funky smells, but nothing in particular
Wedding ring on or off: Off today. I forgot to put it on after cleaning.

What I miss: Wearing t-shirts without my fat poking out.

What I am looking forward to: Going to the beach and Sea world. Oh you mean baby related? buying baby stuff. For sure.

Emotions: Good as long as I eat/get what I want. Bratty I know, don't blame me-
blame the baby.

Stupid things I have done: ....can't think of anything good, you think I be making a fool of myself daily.

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