Tuesday, April 24, 2012

19 weeks and Sew on

Here are some of last months projects
The list will go from cute to WTH!?

First we have the tutu-

I can only take credit for the one on the left
 I know I know I have the cutest nieces, seriously all of my nieces are ridiculously cute
my baby has some serious standards to live up to.
Second on the list- The T-shirt Blanket
Why can we all live right next to the beach?!
 This was a project my lady boss did but I guided her through it from what kind of material to get to how to use the sewing machine.
Pretty sweet? I think so!

And last but oh certainly not least are the Richard Simmons outfits

Yes, that is a life size Richard Simmons

I made those shorts/shirts from scratch and I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself.
Now belly talk
19 weeks

Now this is a morning belly with just coco krispies and milk.
The after dinner belly not as "cute".
weight gained so far? about 8 pounds :( on the plus side my appetite (for fatty foods) has decrease a whole bunch. 
maternity clothes? I use the belly band for work pants and still use some of my shirts but mostly I wear maxi skirts and dresses.
stretch marks? not yet but they are coming I can feel it. 
sleep? Pretty good I slept for 14 hours last weekend, 14 hours straight. Oh to sleep.
best moment of the week? Finding out that there is a little girl about to join our family and T calming me down when I suddenly freak out about giving birth he has some serious talent for toning down my crazy.
food cravings? Nothing out of the ordinary.
looking forward to? I can't wait to move and start setting up the nursery and  I get to go to PCB this weekend to see my family which is great.

Also my hair is all one color again...YAY! not that is that much different than before but I was getting really tired of those highlights.

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