Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stripes, Polka dots and lots of sewing...

In my future because
we are having a baby girl!

How exciting, scary and awesome is that?!

I knew it all along though, I could feel the girly-ness.

I  know what you are thinking WOW that belly is popping and it is but can I just say that this picture was taking at night after raviolis and bread?
 I mean thats half of belly right there. and the baby might have been stretching

Anyways so baby is doing suppa fine and so am I, still the only pregnant-like symptom I have is my feet hurting at night and the you know good ol' regular fattiness.

We are moving mid-May outside of Tally about 30ish minutes away which is not too bad, so we are kinda of everywhere buying stuff and getting rid of some stuff all this while T is finishing this semester and me well...supporting him? and growing a baby human.

Also I have finished all of my Richard Simmons outfits (pictures soon) and tutu AND helped to make a blanket out of tshirts so I don't feel that unproductive, besides now that I know it's a girl I can go crazy with sewing projects so expect some of that in the next couple of months.

The next paragraph is mostly for me to not forget...

I don't mean to get cheesy but I just want to write this for future reference so I don't forget how supportive T has been, the poor guy is seriously dealing with some crazy hormones these days and even though he wants the baby to look like me and is already worrying about future boyfriends (talk about overprotective), I look at these pictures and I can NOT wait to see our baby.

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