Monday, April 9, 2012

4 months & some change

April is kicking my butt for reals we are moving to a bigger place mid May, a house actually and we are packing, planning and running all kinds of things.

The change from 15 to 17 weeks (tomorrow) have really hit me hard with not nausea or headaches but with dry eyes, they seriously feel like the freaking desert and feet problems not swollen but like bruised or something they hurt to the point where T had to carry me around the house. All normal symptoms but still they suck.

16 weeks and 6 days

My "baby bump" has gotten a little bigger, more rounder I think.

We went to Sea World last-last weekend with both of Ts little sisters Emily who's 16 and Erika
 who happens to make the cutest little babies. I'll put pictures of that later because I might have taken more than 500 pictures MAYBE because sea animals are amazing AND they do all kinds of tricks.
But last week/end included some of this

1. Tetris-I don't care how old and boring people think this game is, I LOVE IT  and I'm def addicted to it.
2. I'm having one of these at least every other day. King size or nothing.
3. Oh pool time.

4. That's me and Richard Simmons hanging out talking about his fashion style.

This week is going to be pretty crazy sewing projects-wise I have to make 4 custom fitting Richard Simmons outfits for a whole volleyball team, make a princess tutu for my niece Ali and finish a maxi skirt that I started with Kristen.
I'll be doing all of this,
 this week sometime but today I'm going to the mall after work and getting myself some churros.

MMMMMM churros.

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