Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quince Primaveras

Quince (fifteen) things I love about being with child:
1. I  get to grow a baby in my belly, how awesome/crazy/scary/weird is that?!
2. I get to be cranky whenever, for any reason and some people think is cute.
 "Oh look at your fatty self being cranky, how cute" that's what people are thinking when they look at me.
3. Cleavage-nuff said.
4. Not waiting in line for the bathroom or at the bank. I either look really pregnant or really annoyed while waiting.
5. People asking me to name Baby H after them is sweet I like it.
6. Getting two sides of potatoes e.i- french fries and mashed taters without getting weird looks. 
7. New clothes because of da belly.
8. People assuming I can't carry stuff like groceries = Amazing.
9. Knowing that a chocolate muffin and Coca-Cola in a can is just a whine away.
10. Getting to eat a bowl of tomatoes without T gaging at me (he hates tomatoes). Poor guy is just grateful I'm eating something else besides lemons and pineapple.
11. Having a little girl come up to me and asking me with a big smile "Is there a baby is your belly?", why yes there is.
12. To hear my baby sister tell me she wants to be with me while in pain labor to hold my hand. Amazing sister? I think so.
13. Ts sweet comments which I will keep to myself so I won't embarrass him but they involve love, belly and me.
14. Dixie's way of showing the baby love by putting her little head on top of me.
15. And finally being able to share every grunt, pain and smile with my favorite person who not only loves me but loves the cranky/hormonal/emotional/fatty me.
My belly hasn't change that much at all since last week.

On another note my Lady Boss asked me if I could make Richard Simmons costumes for her volleyball tournament in PCB.

So I'll be making this sexy outfit for them

We will see how that turns out...

P.s- I find this


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